So why prepare?  Everyone knows the story of the grass hopper that spent the summer playing and died in the winter.  Right now its summer so lets all play right?  well some of us, an ever growing number have decided we choose to prepare for what we feel is the coming winter.  Some would argue there is no end to the summer that it will continue forever.  Their computers start up in the morning, the lights come on all of life’s modern conveniences are right there at your fingertips.  Well for a lot of the worlds population that is true… for a lot it is not.  Either way people who prepare for some world altering event have been characterized as crazy out there.  This is not helped when certain cable channels profile us on TV and get us to say they are preparing for cataclysmic events like the Myan myth, Terrorist attack, or WW3.  If you do some Google searches for people that appear on said shows even say it themselves that ‘prepping’ is boring and makes for poor TV.  So they are encouraged to say sensationalist things like Super Volcano, Nuclear attack, and Zombies.  That is what makes for good TV and also makes for good ridicule by ‘normal’ people.  That is fine as you noticed we are Survival Nerds thus we are already socially awkward.  So the snicker of normal people is nothing new.  What ever our true reason is for ‘prepping’ it doesn’t matter.  We feel its something we should do as not doing it would be irresponsible to our friends and family.  Maybe we just don’t like being dependent on our government or the belief  that our society has nothing to fear.  Things change and you probably will not be consulted if that is okay with you or given a vote.  For me I feel its just a good idea in case of some natural disaster you are not dependent on search and rescue to survive.  See thats not that exciting nor is it something to be on TV for.  Its simply don’t spend your resources on me I have taken care of my self.  Tell rescue to move on and help someone else that needs it more than me.  Sure the thought of a economic collapse is sexy and sounds probable with out of control debt and widening partisanship in Washington is scary and TV / Movie worthy but has a lower probability of happening.  and if most of these world wide cataclysmic events were to happen you may soon wish you were at ground zero no matter how prepared you are.  A extinction level event is just that, and no preparing will help you.

That being said we do acknowledge that society is tied at the hip to their technology.  I do remember a time that I didn’t have a cell phone, GPS, or a watch even.  I survived I read a analog map recognized land marks and developed a sense of direction.  Today my 13 year old cousin has an iPhone 4s  I didn’t have my first cell phone until I was out of college.  Society today would be hard pressed to get by with out their Angry Birds.  We hope that, here at this site, to help you survive catastrophic events with as much of that technology as you can.  Whether we show you how to charge up that iPhone after the power has gone out or how you can download your porn if the Internet dies.  We want to come out of disaster with our technology intact so should you.  So follow us on Twitter (@razmus21 and @haxorthematrix) book mark this page.  Send us suggestions or corrections we don’t mind being wrong.  It’s rare but has been known to happen.

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